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  • Concealed Carry Training Class Illinois CCL / CCW

    Obtain your Permit to Carry after 16 hours training Class

    Let’s look at the facts. Not all trainers are equal and neither is all training. Our trainers and our scenario based training approach are second to none. With concealed carry comes a lot of responsibility and accountability. Let us prepare you with the skill, mindset, and focus necessary. Choosing a qualified instructor should never be done lightly. We suggest you interview your instructors and ask questions as you would a doctor if your health and life were at stake. Feel free to look at our instructors backgrounds and/or visit our FAQ page where some of the most common firearm questions are answered.


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We provide specialized training that is beyond the basics. By incorporating proven techniques and real world experience, we will help improve your skills. The fact is we live in a dangerous world, and your safety or the safety of a loved one may depend upon you. There are very real consequences should you ever choose to use a firearm. Professional training and practice is a necessity for every gun owner.  We are here to help you acquire the skills and mindset necessary for the safety and protection of those you care about and those around you. Our office is in the Aurora / Naperville area in DuPage County near Westfield Fox Valley Mall. Our Illinois CCL / CCW training is scenario based interactive training. For a limited time the concealed carry class is available at a reduced price call 331-256-7775 for availability.

We provide a variety of firearm courses that will train you in basic self-defense and personal protection. We place a high emphasis on safety, accuracy, and the fundamentals of proper gun handling. We also offer more intensive training for those seeking to advance beyond the basics and take their skills to a higher level.

Real training by real professionals! Our instructors are second to none!

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