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  • To start your professional training that goes beyond the ordinary classes and incorporates real world experiences and a situational awareness focus view our calendar to see our current scheduled classes. You may also send us a request to be notified for a specific class by making a selection below.

Beginner’s Handgun

Beginner’s Handgun

This is an introductory class designed for students new to firearms. The curriculum encompasses firearm safety rules, handgun anatomy, the safe loading / unloading of semiautomatics and revolvers. Other skills covered are sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and maintaining a proper grip. All supplies are included including 25 rounds of ammunition for live fire training. * There are no additional costs for this class. This is a great class for those seeking to experience firearm handling and shooting in a safe educational environment.

No FOID card or firearm is needed for this class. All protective equipment as well as firearms will be provided during this class. Children are welcome to attend with their parents however, the class fee would still be applicable.

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